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Lazar's Real Estates specializes in the field of residential and non-residential property sales. We offer a wide range of apartments, houses, villas and office space in Bulgaria. Our highly trained specialists will offer you professional help all along the process of the view and purchase of your property. Our agency will assist you in all the legal preparations and activities attending the purchase.

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Arranging your stay and viewings * Airport pick up * Search for property according to your requirements * Legal consultation and company registration *Full property management * Building and furnishing services * Consultancy and recommendations * Security system for your Bulgarian property

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European States with 20-century-old history and traditions. Modern Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula – a busy crossroad of ancient cultures. Bulgaria currently is the top country for property investment. Bulgaria is an exciting emerging market and currently offers property at prices simply un-obtainable in other areas of the world.

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У Вас уже возник интерес к покупке недвижимости в Болгарии, но не знаете с чего начать? Как правильно купить недвижимость в Болгарии? Какие у вас предпочитания? Какой процесс покупки? Какие законы в Болгарии надо знать? На что надо обратить внимание после покупки недвижимости? Ответы на все эти вопросы Вы найдете в наших статьях.

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